What to Look For in Supplements for Adrenal Fatigue

Many things can be solved by a change in diet as well as a healthy dose of the right vitamins, herbs, and supplements. Adrenal fatigue is certainly no exception, as it is a condition that supplements can do wonders for. When you know the right kinds of supplements for adrenal fatigue, it will be easier for you to deal with this condition and guard yourself from this unwanted loss of energy and spike in stress.

Supplements for Adrenal Fatigue

So while you can scratch your head wondering why on earth you have adrenal fatigue, it’s also worth noting that thankfully, you really can do something about it. There are a number of effective cures and supplements that you can take for adrenal fatigue, and the Fatigue Fighter is one of them. What’s important is for you to know what you need to look for in your adrenal fatigue supplements:

  1. Pay attention to vitamins and minerals

A big part of adrenal fatigue is not just a deficiency in hormones, because vitamins or the lack of it also play a role. The important B vitamins help in a number of things that improve metabolism and energy levels significantly. For instance, the National Institutes of Health states that Vitamin B12 is a known energy enhancer and endurance booster.

More importantly, this study highlights that the adrenal gland has a very high concentration of Vitamin C, and thus it’s an essential vitamin in adrenal recovery. When you look at supplements therefore, pick the ones with the vitamins that really play a part in solving adrenal fatigue.

  1. Know your herbal supplements

Herbs are also important in recovering from adrenal fatigue. You can focus on the herbs that have been used traditionally by other cultures to boost energy. Here are some of them:

  • Maca root – Effective in regulating cortisol and blood sugar
  • Ginseng – Can boost your levels of energy and mental sharpness
  • Licorice root – This increases endurance and energy as well as stimulates the production of hormones
  1. Consider other supplements

Aside from the usual vitamins, minerals, and herbs, there are other supplements that you can consider to help cure adrenal fatigue. Omega-3 fatty acids for instance is something a lot of us are deficient in, and this causes inflammation as well as increased stress towards the adrenals. Probiotics can also help lower stress levels.

Another supplement worth looking at is D-Ribose, which keeps your energy levels high the entire day without putting unnecessary stress on your adrenal glands. Knowing these important alternatives can give you other options when looking for the perfect supplements.

What you really have to remember when you pick the supplement that will help you combat adrenal fatigue is that it’s important to understand what the supplement is made of. Look for the 3 things that you need to consider when picking a supplement, and you probably will never go wrong. Just make sure that you’re taking your supplements for adrenal fatigue for the right reasons.